User Guide - Configure LoRa Devices

This user guide applies to Aurora XLDSN3 LoRa devices. It will cover how you can configure your devices using Vicotee's USB LoRa Config Gateway.

Table of contents


USB LoRa Config Gateway


  1. Use a USB cable and connect USB LoRa Config Gateway (hereby: USB Gateway) unit with your computer running Windows 8 or Windows 10.
  2. When USB Gateway is connected to your computer, a green light (3) will perform a fast blink (0.5 second) indicating it got power.



USB LoRa Config Gateway Application


  1. Download and install Vicotee USB LoRa Gateway Config application for Windows from Windows can warn the program is unsigned when you start it for the first time. You answer 'yes' to the question if you want to continue to install it.

  2. Once the application is installed, start it and click on "Connect" button. The application will now search for the USB Gateway. If it doesn't find the Gateway, try disconnecting and then reconnect it back to your computer and click "Connect" button.

    Note: The first time you are using USB Gateway; your computer may take a few minutes to install a driver for the Gateway. If the application fails to find your USB Gateway, wait a few minutes and try again.


Basic Settings

The application has two mode: Basic and Advanced.In Basic mode, you can configure your devices with new Application EUI, Application Key and Device EUI. Enter new values you want to configure your device with and click the "Start Scan" button to allow USB Gateway to scan for devices and re-config them. 

Go to "Start The Device In Configuration Mode" section to read more about how to start the devices in configuration mode.

Advanced Settings

You have more advanced options to configure your devices in this Advanced mode.

Caution: You will permanently overwrite the current settings in your device with new values from the application. The device may stop working until the LoRaWAN gateway is configured to accept new settings from devices.

Once the application found the device (in configuration mode), it will send commands through USB LoRa Config Gateway to the device. When configuration is done, the device will reboot itself back to normal mode.


Start The Device In Configuration Mode

  1. Turn off by pushing the rubber button (1) for thirty (30) seconds. The button is inside the letter O of Aurora.Figure 2

After 30 seconds, a green light (3) lights up. Release the button as soon as the light comes on. After the button is released, the green light may light for another 5 seconds.

  1. Alternately, the device can be turn off by placing a magnet near magnet-switch symbol(2)for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, a green light (3) lights up. Remove the magnet as soon as the light comes on. After the magnet is removed, the green light may light for another 5 seconds.

  1. Once the device is off, turn it on by pushing the rubber button and hold it down until the red light is lit for 3 seconds and then start blinking. Release the button once the red light blinks. Do not release the button before the red light is blinking.

    Note: You can perform the same procedure with magnet. Lift off the magnet after the red light starts blinking.

  2. You device is now in configuration mode. To indicate it still in configuration mode, the red light will blink once every 5 seconds.


  • The device remains in configuration mode for 10 minutes. If it does not receive commands or messages from the USB Gateway during this period, it will automatically turn off.
  • The device restarts automatically when all commands are received from the USB Gateway. If your intention is only to configure the device and not have it running, be sure to turn off the device before storage.