AURORA XLDSN3 - User Guide for assembling of NTC sensors (external temperature probe, water leak probe)

This user guide will cover how to assemble NTC sensor with Aurora XLDSN3 devices. An NTC sensor can be an external temperature probe or water leak probe.

Before you continue, you need:

  • A Phoenix Contact Screwdriver 0.4 x 2.0 mm (manufacturer part number: 1205202).
  • T8 torx driver.
  • (Optional) wire stripper tool.
Figure 1
Figure 1

Remove Batteries

  1. Start with removing the rear lid by removing rubber feet (1) that cover the four screws (2).
  2. Unscrew all four screws (2) using T8 torx driver.
  3. Lift the rear lid (3) and remove the batteries (4).


  • It's important to remove the batteries before you continue.

(1) Some device only use one battery.


Mounting NTC Sensor

1. Carefully remove the rubber plug (7, figure 2) and make a hole so that you can pull the wire (10) through it.


  1. It can be difficult to remove rubber plug from the case. From the inside of the case, use the back of a pencil or something similar and push on the edge of plug to push it out.
  2. To make the hole on rubber plug so that you can thread through the wire (10); it's easier to push a thin flat blade screwdriver through the back of the rubber plug to make the hole.
  3. To make a hole on the rubber plug so that you can thread the wire (10) through it; push a thin, flat blade screwdriver through the back of the plug to make the hole.

2.Take your sensor probe (10), if necessary, cut to the desired length and make sure wire insulation removed to expose the copper wire. If you need to remove the insulation, use wire stripper tool to avoid damaging the copper.

3. Pull the wire (10) through the bracket (8A) and install the wires into the terminal's (9) PIN 1 (white wire) and PIN 3 (red wire). To secure the copper wire on the terminal (9), the terminal is equipped with spring lock (12, figure 3). To "unlock" it, use Phoenix Contact Screwdriver 0.4 x 2.0 mm (manufacturer part number: 1205202) to push down the "lock" (12, figure 3) while inserting the wire into (13, figure 3).

Important: Use Phoenix Contact Screwdriver to avoid any damage to the terminal's spring lock.

NOTE: In this guide, the wire color red and white are used to demonstrate position of PIN 1 and PIN 3 on the terminal. Your sensor probe may use different colors, and polarity is not important.

4. Screw the bracket (8A) to the case to secure the wires.

5. Push the rubber plug (7) back into the case.

6. Insert batteries back into the device. Pay attention to the polarity of the batteries. 

7. Close the rear lid and screw back all four screws. Finally cover the screws with rubber feet.

Figure 2​​​​



Terminal Block
Figure 3