NarrowBand IoT - Backend Service

The first time the devices are turned on, they must send data to Vicotee's Cloud and then you can reconfigure them to send data directly to your servers. You also have the option of using the Vicotee cloud and setup Data-Forwarding service to send data to your cloud.

Make sure you have an account at before proceeding with this document.

Register Device

 Click here to read more how to setup Device Manager to your account.

Before your device can send data to Vicotee's Cloud, you need to register the device to your account. Login to and navigate to Device Manager and click Register button.



Serial Number and UUID are printed on the label back of your devices. You may need to remove the wall mounted metal plate before you can access the label. To obtain Security Code you need to scan the QR code, the last 4 digits is the Security Code.


Fill in Serial Number, UUID and Security code (Name and Description fields are optional) and click Register button at the bottom of the page.


Your device is now registered to Vicotee's Cloud, you can power up the device. Read more about installation of batteries and how to start up the device at User Guide for devices with LoRa or NarrowBand IoT.

Data Forwarding

Data received by Vicotee's cloud can be forwarded to your own servers using HTTP, Azure IoT Hub or IBM MQTT. You can find more information about Data Forwarding in Cloud and API section.

Send Data To Your Own Backend

This section applies only to NarrowBand rev. 1.x devices. 

NarrowBand device uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to send data. You can setup your own UDP service to receive data and decode payloads from devices. From Workspace Device Config, you can reconfigure your device to send data to your own UDP service and then follow documents in Decoding Payload section to implement your own decoding routines.

Workspace feature is currently in beta release. Contact Vicotee's support team to unlock this feature if you want to configure your devices (ie, change the sample rate).

Important: If you reconfigure your devices to send data to your own UDP service, Vicotee's cloud stops receiving or sending data from devices. This means that once the devices are reconfigured, you can no longer use the Vicotees cloud to configure your devices. All device configuration must be done from your own UDP service.