Installing and uninstalling Vicotee Cloud App

Vicotee Cloud is based on apps, by default there is no app installed. To install an app on Vicotee Cloud, you need to:

 You can quickly navigate to Dashboard by clicking on Vicotee logo on top left of the page

  1. Login to Vicotee Cloud,
  2. Once you have logon, you will be landed on the Dashboard page. Click on Vicotee Cloud Apps icon as shown below.


  3. A list of available apps for you will be displayed on the page. Which apps you can view and install depends on your role and subscriptions. To install an app, you can
    1. Click on ellipsis icon on the right side of the app's name and select Install or Uninstall.


      app-install through ellipsis

    2.    Or click on the app's icon to view more information about the app and then click Install or Uninstall button.

         app-install through detail page

 New apps are continuing added to the repository. Check Vicotee Cloud App regularly for new apps.

4. Once the app is installed, you can access it from Dashboard.