How to obtain App Key and App EUI for your LoRaWAN devices

You can obtain App EUI and Key for your LoRaWAN devices from

Serial Number, Part Number and Device ID / UUID are printed on the label back of your devices. You may need to remove the wall mounted metal plate (1) before you can access the label. 

Label behind the sensor

Wall mounted metal plate


  • Serial Number (SN), you only need to enter last six (6) digits. The first 7 digits and the dash can be ignored.
    Example: 1101015-001122. You can ignore 1101015- and only enter 001122. 
  • Device ID / UUID, you can ignore all colons and only enter the hex-digits. The digits are case-insensitive.
    Example: AA:BB:EE:00:00:00:01:FF, can be entered as  AABBEE00000001FF or as aabbee00000001ff.