Installing of External Antenna Kit (PN 11010308)

External antenna kit for Aurora (PN 11010308) is an an angled IP54 antenna. The kit comes with 5 parts:

  • Antenna cable (1)
  • O-Ring / Rubber Seal (2)
  • Washer (3)
  • Nut (4)
  • Antenna (5)
Installing external antenna kit
Figure 1

Installing The Kit

Figure 1
Figure 2

1. Start with removing the rear lid by removing rubber feet (1) that cover the four screws (2). (Figure 2)

2. Unscrew all four screws (2) using T8 torx driver. (Figure 2)

3. Carefully lift the rear lid and batteries (4) from the device. (Figure 2)

4. Carefully remove the old antenna. (Figure 2)

5. Installing the new antenna kit using middle hole of the Aurora box as shown in Figure 1.

6. Reinsert the batteries, pay attention to the polarity of the batteries.

7. Close the rear lid and screw back all four screws. Finally cover the screws with rubber feet.


When lifting the rear lid, do not twist while lifting. Keep lifting straight up to avoid the lid hitting components inside the box.