VicCommand - Send commands to Njord

Vicotee Sensor is a driver driven platform, allowing all types of sensors to be used with Njord. You can easily enable or disable a driver, or set different sampling rates for each driver. All this can be done with VicCommand, a Cloud App you can install at  Vicotee Cloud, (Click here to read how to install Cloud App).

Quick Test



  1. Select a Njord (node) you want to send command to by clicking on "Select a node...".
  2. Once a Njord is selected, you can start sending command by typing a set of commands in the edit and then click upload upload button. Try it your self with following command and then click upload button :
    • SetLed true
  3. A few seconds late, LED on your selected Njord will blink twice.

You may try Blink command, it also notify Njord to blink the LED once.


There 3 tabs available

  • Console
  • Reference
  • Monitoring


Any errors or warnings regarding the commands you have typed in the editor will be shown here. The app may give a suggestion on for Quick fix. Here is an example of SetLed missing an argument and a quick fix is adding a boolean; true of on and false for off.


You can ignore warnings, but you can not ignore errors. The app will now allow you to push the commands to the Njord until all errors are resolved.


You can at any time look up a reference for a command by placing the cursor on the command or by searching for a specific command by first clicking on search. and then type your search on search input field.



All network activities are shown in this tab. When a command is send, the app will wait for Bitfrost gateway to reply. Any errors during the transmission will be shown in this tab. 


When you send commands that require Njord's response, the time it takes for Njord to response is depending on the size of SmartMeshIP and the Internet connection. Currently the response timeout is set to 30 seconds.