How to change batteries for Njord sensor



  1. Remove front sticker with Vicotee's logo, it may be a little tacky, so you may need to apply some force to rip off the sticker. 
  2. Once the front sticker is removed, you will see four screws. Unscrew them.
  3. After all four screws are removed, carefully lift off the front panel to access the batteries inside the sensor's box. Tip: It may be easier to turn the sensor upside down and let the front panel fall into your hands.
  4. Replace the batteries (2 x AA batteries) and carefully put back the front panel. Screw back on the four screws your removed in step 2.
  5. (Optional) Apply new front sticker to the front panel by gently removing the paper behind the sticker and placing the sticker on the panel. Finally, remove the thin plastic film on top of the sticker. The plastic film may be thin and hard to see.


Njord exploded