Why do we need LoRaWAN Configure USB dongle?

Vicotee aims to support any type of LoRaWan network out there, that means, that almost all possible network configuration parameters must be exposed to the end user.

For instance, one of our customers runs basic setup with Multitech MultiConnect LoRaWAN Gateway, that means the Application EUI and Application Key are fixed and cannot be changed, Hence, our devices need to have the ability to modify their Application EUI and Key during commissioning phase in order to be able to join their network.

Another customer runs a multiple gateways with Loriot solution on top of them, their setup does not allow them to enroll devices with specific Application EUI and Key, a unique one-time app key is generated for a given device once it's enrolled into the network, again, we need to adapt and be able to change these parameters on our devices.

Yet another customer of ours runs multiple gateways based on Actility solution, their setup allows them to enroll any device with any Application EUI and Key combination, so no additional configuration is required from our devices.

Among these things we also allow customer to further customize our nodes by specifying the type of network (public/private), modify the data rate settings etc and upload specific drivers to achieve a full-blown event driven sensing solution which can lower the overall traffic in the network and lower the total power consumption per device.

Which sensors are available for Njord?

Njord comes with 4 builtin sensors:

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Light/Lux sensor
  • Accelerometer

By default, only temperature and humidity are enabled. You can enable light and accelerometer through the Cloud by pushing IoT messages to Njord. With IoT push messages, you can also disable sensors that you are not using to extend battery life.

In additional to builtin sensors, Njord may come with addons (NiB) such as 4-20 mA, UART, Analog In and Power Out. 

What is the default network ID for Vicotee's SmartMesh IP?

The default network ID for SmartMesh IP is set to 1337.

Why is the first measurement of ambient light is always 0 (zero)?

Due to deferred processing/acquisition model samples will be delayed by one sample. This is intended mode of operation and cannot be changed.

How to change batteries for Njord sesnor?

Following this document for the instruction on how to change the betteries for Njord sensor.

Link: https://docs.vicotee.com/manuals/changingnjordbattery

What is the range of the particle sizes in the Particle Sensor?

The particle sensor returns 16 bins of particle sizes (in diameter [μm]): 00.54 μm, 0.78 μm, 1.05 μm, 1.34 μm, 1.59 μm, 2.07 μm, 3.00 μm, 4.00 μm, 5.00 μm, 6.50 μm, 8.00 μm, 10.00 μm, 12.00 μm, 14.00 μm, 16.00 μm and 17.50 μm.

Bin low boundary (diameter [μm])0.380.540.781.051.341.592.
Bin high boundary (diameter [μm])0.540.781.051.341.592.


How to obtain App Key and App EUI for LoRaWAN devices.

You can obtain App EUI and Key for your LoRaWAN devices from https://cloud.vicotee.com/#/lora. Read more about it here.