Our Sensors

Vicotee has combined their Hardware Platform to cooperate with wide range of radio technologies such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, SmartMesh IP, NBIoT, WiFi and Bluetooth. The platform can be customized with all sensors using I²C, UART, Analog, GIOP / Digital and NTC input.

Vicotee's line up two products to support a range of applications and performance needs so you can choose the best technologies for your project.


AURORA XL6 is a highly integrated and compact radio and sensor module. The module can be equipped with the following type of sensors; temperature, humidity, accelerometer, water detection, magnet door sensor or one external digital GPIO.

The module will operate for up to 10 years on single battery CR2477N (950mA). (1)

  • Choose between LoRaWAN or Sigfox
  • Supports all sensors using I²C and GIOP.
  • Compact form factor (81mm x 41mm x 20mm). 
  • Single cell CR2477N (950mA), allowing module to operate up to 10 years
Frontside of XL6
Backside of XL6



AURORA XDLSN3 is a modular and easy to customize with any sensors. The module is a twofold unit consist of one radio mainboard and one sensor board which can easily be configured to use all kind of sensors. Both boards have a MCU, they can handle and analyze high speed data on the module.

The two boards connected with open-ended card edge (no soldering). The radio mainboard can be equipped with following type of sensors; a temperature/humidity and accelerometer sensor and can work as standalone module.

Both radio mainboard and sensor board are equipped with a battery each (CR2477N, 950mA). The batteries from each board can be connected in parallel to extend the battery life. The module will operate for up to 10 years. (1)

  • Choose between LoRaWAN, Sigfox, SmartMesh IP or NarrowBand IoT.
  • Supports all sensors using I²C, UART, Analog, GPIO / Digital and NTC input.
  • Dedicated sensor board as snap-in to radio board, all you to support wide range of sensors.
  • Single cell CR2477N (950mA) on each radio- and sensor- board, allowing module to operate up to 10 years.
Frontside of XDLSN3


Backside of XDLSN3

(1) Battery life is depended on sensor type, number of measurements per hour, length of the messages and battery self-discharge (typical 1-2% per year).